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Hello Robyn.

I wanted to take the opportunity to express the appreciation of all involved with the "departure" of our friend Daryl to the team at Dunns who oversaw his funeral service.

It was interesting that when Daryl passed away and I was making arrangements at the home, they informed me that he had chosen to use Dunns for his funeral. I was happy to comply with his wishes, not knowing anything about you.

I must say that I was thrilled with the way we were treated. Very professional, nothing too much trouble, informative and the choices were all ours. Wonderful knowledge and organisation.

And I might add, a fair bit of patience thrown in for good measure. Robyn, your recommendation of Peter was a stroke of genius. I suppose when people at the wake wonder where Peter had known Daryl from, you know it has been done very, very well.

The gentleness, compassion, good humor but nothing trite or staged all led to an atmosphere, for our reflection, that was perfect.

John, what an accomodating fellow! The montage was the piece de resistance. Very impressive was the fact that I requested an alteration to the entire presentation the morning of the funeral and there it was altered and done to order.

The friendliness of Simon and his offers of help. The polite young chap, didn't get his name but all functioning in a very relaxed, well organized way.

We all couldn't be more impressed with Dunns.

Carole and I "had a glow on" because everything worked so brilliantly.

Thanks to the team.

Best regards, Kerry Finch