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Funeral Bonds

A Better Alternative to Funeral Insurance

Have the peace of mind of knowing everything will be taken care of when you pass away the way you planned.

A Funeral Bond is a specialised investment which allows you to save money now to meet your funeral expenses in the future. The benefit of a funeral bonds is that you purchase your chosen funeral at 'todays' prices, hence saving on increase prices in the future. It ensures your family peace of mind when you die and ensures you have the funeral you desire.

Organising and paying for a funeral can be a great burden in times of bereavement.  Preparing your funeral ahead of time will relieve your loved ones of this responsibility.

With a funeral bond, your funeral is planned in advance and the specific costs are established. You are then required to pay this amount into a bond which is held in trust until you die.  Once you have paid the agreed sum, you don’t have to pay any more.  You can pay in instalments or a lump-sum.  Your funeral expenses will then be paid from the intrusted bond.

The money is invested in a The Australian Friendly Society Funeral Bond. J A Dunn then guarantee that all services listed in the pre-paid agreement will be provided at need, from the proceeds of that bond.

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