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Death Interstate or Overseas

Death Interstate

Death interstate has become much more common today with our transiant lifestyle.  There are number of funeral options available when a loved one dies interstate.

Some people prefer to conduct a simple funeral service interstate followed by a memorial service at home. Others chose to repatriate (bring home) the deceased allowing for a full funeral service at home.

Should your loved one die outside of Tasmania, contact us and we will advise you on the options available. We will be able to help you with all the arrangements and liaise with reputable firms interstate.

Death Overseas

Not everyone knows what to do if someone dies overseas.

Death overseas is similar to death interstate. However, it also includes the involvement of various Australian Government Departments and the Consulate General of the country in question. We will carry out these arrangements on your behalf.


Embalming is the chemical treatment if the body in order to disinfect and preserve it. The process is usually only needed if there is an extended period between death and the funeral, for example, if the deceased is to be transferred overseas.